Assault on former mayor: bishop, collaborate in investigations

Juventus, Pogba:

(ANSA) – CROTONE, JUL 12 – “We encourage anyone who has useful information for investigations, to collaborate with investigators, aware that, if we want such acts to stop happening again, it is necessary that each of us collaborate to ensure that the Law, which regulates our civil and democratic coexistence, can take its course in the forms provided for by the republican Constitution “. It is the appeal of the bishop of Crotone-Santa Severina Angelo Panzetta who thus addresses the community of Roccabernarda, in a letter to the parish priest Don Ercole Bonofiglio, inviting them to react after the attack suffered by the former mayor Francesco Coco to whom the prelate it expresses “my closeness and my prayers and that of the entire Archdiocese”.

Trusting “in the expert work of the investigators and the judiciary”, the bishop addresses the Rocchisani: “As pastor of this community I would like to encourage the women and men of Roccabernarda to continue to work to eradicate the ‘germ of violence’. pretend nothing! We cannot let this disturbing story fall into oblivion without having understood the real motive, the executors and the principals “. Recognizing that “every form of violence hides a discomfort which, unfortunately, in our communities is further aggravated by the terrible scourge of the ‘Ndrangheta”, Msgr. Panzetta invites “the entire civil and religious community, in all the many articulations of which we know to be rich (schools, associations, political parties) to promote an increasingly healthy fabric of relationships, more marked by sincere listening to all forms of poverty, to loyal collaboration in view of the realization of the Common Good and to legality as a minimum measure to build a civilization of love “. The bishop also invites the institutions “to do everything possible so that our communities are not left alone in this difficult task of achieving effective democracy within the horizon of an increasingly social and inclusive state” and says he is “sure that with the contribution of all, believers and laity, women and men, young people and adults, even in Roccabernarda, as in many suburbs of this world of ours, virtuous processes capable of generating hope for all will be triggered “. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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