Scams on auction houses, real estate agent arrested

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(ANSA) – PALERMO, JUL 13 – He allegedly cheated several Sicilians in the sale of properties in the provinces of Palermo, Trapani and Messina. The financiers of the provincial command of Palermo have carried out a precautionary order at home against Maria Grazia Caggegi, 52, a real estate agent. The woman would be credited with the “clients” as a lawyer, claiming to have acquaintances among the high offices of the Palermo judicial offices. With great certainty, she would have proposed the purchase of properties at particularly advantageous prices or conditions, through an elusive auction procedure, which she herself called the “PQM procedure”. To quickly monetize the suspect she would have represented non-existent problems that hindered the allocation of the apartments. Among the reasons, which created anxiety and concern to unsuspecting “buyers”, there would have been the need to have to cancel “unexpected” criminal pending or sudden mortgage registrations. With this procedure the suspect would have managed to obtain over 160 thousand euros in cash in a very short time. The investigating judge who issued the precautionary measure also ordered the preventive seizure of the sum. The ban from exercising entrepreneurial activities for 12 months has also been taken. The investigations of the financiers of the Money for nothing operation were based on what was declared by the various victims of the alleged scam, also through the analysis of bank transactions and documentary acquisitions. (HANDLE).

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