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With cryptocurrencies, he commissions murder on darkweb, denounced

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France, one thousand hectares of forest burn in southern Gironde (ANSA)

(ANSA) – ROME, JUL 13 – Taking advantage of the anonymity guaranteed by the darkweb, the dark part of the Net, he made a payment in cryptocurrencies to commission the administrator of a site specialized in commissioned murders to kill a rival in The State Police identified him and referred him to the Judicial Authority for aggravated threats, through complex investigations characterized by a high technical content. At the origin of the case, a report by the FBI to the Postal Police, which in a note underlines that the obscure part of the network “until now considered impenetrable, is no longer such”.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had informed the Postal Police that a 45-year-old from Treviso was the potential victim of a paid “service” of murder on commission. The first checks on the network, carried out by the Treviso Postal Police Section, made it possible to give a name and surname to the victim, who, thanks to the Conegliano Public Security Commissioner, was subjected to a confidential protection activity to ensure his safety .

Further investigations delegated by the Treviso Public Prosecutor’s Office and carried out by the Postal and Communications Police Service and by the Postal Police of Venice, made it possible to identify important telematic traces connected to the payments made, thus allowing to trace the “principal” of the commissioned murder, a 34 year old from the province of Treviso. The man, secretly in love with the victim’s young girlfriend, saw in the bond between the two the impossibility of being sentimentally paid Hence the criminal plan that took place in the darkweb. The subsequent judicial police activity delegated by the Treviso Public Prosecutor’s Office against the sender of the murder, carried out by the Venice and Treviso Postal Police, with the help of the Conegliano Commissioner, made it possible to obtain feedback on the movements of money and of cryptocurrencies from the virtual wallet of the principal to that of the administrator of the site of homicides on commission, which is currently only under investigation.


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Source: Ansa

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