Counterfeit perfumes and cosmetics discovered by Gfd in Varese

(ANSA) – MILAN, JUL 13 – The soldiers of the Varese Provincial Command, delegated by the Busto Arsizio Public Prosecutor’s Office, searched several warehouses in the provinces of Varese, Milan and Lodi, seizing more than 25,000 imported perfumery and cosmetics items from Middle Eastern countries, others of counterfeit clothing and 70 pieces of medicine imported from Asian countries without the authorization of the Ministry of Health. Six persons responsible for introducing and trading products with false signs, receiving stolen goods and related aggravating circumstances were reported.

The financiers of the Compagnia di Gallarate have identified a network of perfume trade of famous counterfeit brands, offered for sale on the most widespread digital platforms with the setting up of online shops.

With the databases used by the Corps, the people who had set up the digital shops and the owners of the associated users were identified as the place of storage and sale of the goods. and searches were carried out against online store operators, burdened with criminal records, including fraudulent bankruptcy and counterfeiting.

The origin of the seized goods was then ascertained and other persons involved in the traffic were identified.

active in the provinces of Varese, Milan and Lodi.

The profit from the crime amounts to a total of € 935,000. The Judicial Authority ordered the urgent preventive seizure for the purpose of confiscation of the assets identified by the Fiamme Gialle: a villa, in the municipality of Lodi, with a commercial value of 250,000 euros and a real estate unit with an annexed cellar in the municipality of Milan, with a value commercial of 150,000 euros. In recent days, the investigating judge of Busto Arsizio has validated the kidnapping. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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