Research: Parisi, politics does not listen to science on priorities

M5s, Conte arrives at the headquarters of the Movement for the National Council (ANSA)

(ANSA) – TRIESTE, 13 JUL – The Italian political class “does not listen to science in deciding what are the research priorities and therefore the projects to be financed, this is a very serious problem that is added to the dramatic underfunding dedicated to the sector”. This is the denunciation of Giorgio Parisi, Nobel Prize in Physics 2021 and founder of the “Let’s save research” campaign, made by speaking on video link at the Iupap Symposium (International Union of Pure and Applied Physics) in Trieste, for the 100th anniversary.

“In 1996, the Minister of University and Research Luigi Berlinguer had realized the strategic importance of having a commission of scientists who judged the quality of the research and established which projects to assign the funds to – he recalled – So he created a small commission. of seven experts, of which I was part. Unfortunately, the subsequent government has distorted the function of this body, transforming it into a body that met only once or twice a year. At the moment it practically no longer exists “, said Parisi. The resulting consequence is “a scarce ability to intercept European funding for research projects, although Italian scientists, in proportion to GDP and population, obtain a very high percentage of research funds compared to that received by European colleagues. of other nationalities. Over half of these grants, however, go to Italians who work abroad “, he concluded.

Parisi spoke to a panel on science’s ability to inform, with government science advisors from Australia, Tunisia and the United States. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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