Borsellino: Maria Falcone, bitterness for misdirection sentence

M5s, Conte arrives at the headquarters of the Movement for the National Council (ANSA)

(ANSA) – PALERMO, JUL 13 – “Given that all sentences must be respected and that, especially in such complex cases, it is essential to read the reasons, as a sister of Giovanni Falcone and as an Italian citizen, I feel a strong bitterness because once again we have been denied the full truth about one of the most disturbing facts in the history of the Republic “. This was stated by Maria Falcone, sister of Judge Giovanni Falcone, killed by the mafia in Capaci, regarding the sentence, yesterday, of the court of Caltanissetta in the trial on the misdirection of the investigation into the Via D’Amelio massacre. The magistrates declared the charges alleged against two of the three policemen accused of the sidetracking prescribed, while a third was acquitted. The statute of limitations was determined by the elimination of the aggravating circumstance of mafia aiding and abetting.

“The statute of limitations is always a defeat for justice which, especially in such delicate trials, has evidently failed to act with the speed it should have”, he added.

“From the device, which asserts the existence of the misdirection and the responsibility of two of the three defendants, however – explains Maria Falcone – the confirmation of the system of the Caltanissetta Public Prosecutor’s Office which, with courageous and scrupulous work, has shed light on years of investigative plots and pollutions “.

“This sentence – he concludes – comes one week after the thirtieth anniversary of the Via D’Amelio massacre which will once again see the relatives of Paolo Borsellino, to whom I express all my closeness, waiting for the truth”. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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