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Drought: Fontana, the only hope is that it will start raining

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(ANSA) – MILAN, 14 JULY – “Now the only thing we can hope for is that it will start to rain. We will not be able to go beyond 25 July”: said the president of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana during a press conference called to talk about the drought emergency.

For now there are no risks “for drinking water, if not” very limited “in some” small areas for which all the necessary interventions have been made. But for drinking water – he added -, thank goodness the aquifer is still rich and for now we have no worries “.

“We are trying to work to avert as much as possible the state of calamity, but if the need arises – underlined the councilor for local authorities Massimo Sertori – we are ready to ask”.

Sertori highlighted the differences with the state of emergency that “we asked for and it was launched by the Council of Ministers even though we are waiting for a decree and commissioner powers”. The state of calamity, on the other hand, is required “after the event”. For example “if a crop should go down the drain because there was no water then it is required – he concluded – to create compensation situations”. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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