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‘Ndrangheta: former MP Pittelli remains under house arrest

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Mollicone murder, Maria Tuzi:

(ANSA) – CATANZARO, 16 JUL – The lawyer and former Forza Italia parliamentarian Giancarlo Pittelli, accused in the “Rinascita Scott” trial of external competition in mafia association and other crimes, remains under house arrest. The Court of Cassation has in fact decided to cancel the order by which the same judges of the review had ordered the return to prison for the former parliamentarian, with referral to a different section of the Court of the review of Catanzaro for a new ruling.

In December 2021 Pittelli, defended by Gian Domenico Caiazza, Salvatore Staiano and Guido Contestabile, had returned to prison by decision of the Court of Vibo Valentia. The college, chaired by Gilda Romano, in front of which the “Scott Rebirth” trial of the ‘Ndrangheta clans of Vibonese is being held in the bunker hall of Lamezia Terme, had accepted the request to aggravate the precautionary measure from house arrest to prison to which Pittelli is subjected following the discovery of a registered letter that the lawyer had sent to the Minister for the South Mara Carfagna, asking her to take an interest in her legal matter. The minister’s secretariat then sent the letter to the inspectorate of Palazzo Chigi which, in turn, had forwarded it to the Catanzaro mobile squad, which had informed the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Catanzaro directed by Nicola Gratteri of the facts. The magistrates of the DDA had therefore sent the registered letter to the Court of Vibo Valentia, asking for the aggravation of the precautionary measure on the basis of the thesis that Pittelli had violated the obligation not to have any relationship with the outside imposed by the house arrest regime.

Two months later, the same Court of Vibo, composed differently because the president was absent due to illness, had accepted the request of Pittelli’s defenders and had restored the house arrest for the former parliamentarian. Decision that had been challenged by the Dda of Catanzaro which had appealed to the Review Court, which last April had accepted the appeal with which the Dda had requested the restoration of the pre-trial detention for Pittelli in prison. Now the decision of the Supreme Court to annul the latter decision of the Review Court by postponement. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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