Migrants: carabinieri arrest two passeurs in Friuli

Government, Read:

(ANSA) – TRIESTE, 16 JUL – The Carabinieri of the Operational and Radiomobile Nucleus of the Compagnia di Tarvisio (Udine) arrested two “passeur”, in separate operations, on charges of aiding and abetting illegal immigration.

One in particular, a 22-year-old Syrian citizen, resident in Germany, was stopped at the border crossing of “Passo Pramollo” in Pontebba, driving a van with an Austrian license plate. After evading a Carabinieri checkpoint, he was chased and blocked before he could abandon the 34 citizens, all of age and of different nationalities, that he had on board, crammed into the load compartment. The undocumented migrants were placed in a Friulian reception center.

The same military announced that they had previously arrested, but the news has only now been spread, a Pakistani citizen, again for the crime of aiding illegal immigration. The 34-year-old man, also a resident of Germany, was checked at the exit of the A / 23 motorway at “San Leopoldo”, in the Municipality of Pontebba while driving a car with an Austrian license plate. On board was a compatriot of 44 years old, undocumented, clandestine. This passeur was also taken to a reception center while the car was confiscated.

The Syrian passeur was closed in the Trieste prison, the other in Vicenza. The checks were carried out as part of operations to combat the migratory flow from the Balkan route, with other police forces and under the coordination of the Prefecture of Udine.


Source: Ansa

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