He was escaped during a visit to the mother tomb, arrested in Montenegro

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(ANSA) – MILAN, JUL 17 – The inaction of Massimo Riella is over, the 48-year-old escaped four months ago after he was granted an exit, under escort, from the Bassone di Como prison, where he was held in custody with accused of robbing two elderly people. The man, on whom an international arrest warrant was hanging, was arrested yesterday in Montenegro, as reported by Il Giorno and Corriere della Sera, where the local police identified and arrested him.

Massimo Riella was arrested last December for a robbery and escaped on March 12 during an award permit, when he was allowed to visit his mother’s grave in the cemetery of Brenzio, a village on Lake Como. It took only a moment, in which he was left without handcuffs, for the escape.

Then for months he disappeared in the impervious woods of the Como area, which he knew well given his past as a poacher, probably helped by friends and acquaintances. Until all trace of him was lost. His escape ended yesterday in Montenegro, where now for him there will be extradition. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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