Elderly car robbery, accidentally runs over his father and runs away

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(ANSA) – ALBIATE, 17 JUL – He attacks and drags an 82 year old out of his car to rob him and in the escape he runs over his own father, while he was riding a bicycle, and then continues his mad race. It happened yesterday in Albiate (Monza). The person in charge, a 28-year-old Colombian, was arrested by the carabinieri after a brief investigation. The robber, after the first accident, also hit two other cars. Some passersby surrounded him, preventing him from escaping.

The 28-year-old who yesterday terrorized Albiate (Monza) was arrested for aggravated robbery, as well as being investigated for wrongful death and very serious injuries. After dragging a pensioner out of his car and robbed him, the man got into gear and dragged a passer-by for a few meters who tried to stop him, fortunately without consequences. While driving at full speed, the 28-year-old ran over a cyclist who turned out to be his 55-year-old father who happened to be passing along his escape while riding his bicycle. Instead of stopping, he continued to flee like nothing had happened, leaving the parent on the asphalt. The injured was then rescued and taken to hospital with serious injuries and a prognosis of about 30 days.

A little further on, the 28-year-old hit two other cars, a Toyota Auris and Fiat Panda, with a 30-year-old from Alba and a 64-year-old from Friuli on board, both of whom were slightly injured. At that point he tried again to escape from the scene of the accident, but was surrounded by passers-by, who detained him until the arrival of the carabinieri. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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