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Scams: European funds in the pockets of Iacp employees, 3 arrests

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Olympics 2026, Hall:

(ANSA) – ROME, JULY 20 – The renovation works of the Zen 2 public houses carried out thanks to European funds in Palermo were carried out only on paper, and part of the European funds would have ended up in the pockets of the IACP executives.

During the Start operation, the Palermo carabinieri carried out three precautionary house arrest orders issued by the investigating judge on the basis of the investigation, coordinated by the European prosecutors Calogero Ferrara and Amelia Luise of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office in Palermo, against the three employees of the autonomous public housing institute accused of undue inducement to give or promise benefits.

The soldiers of the Eppo Section of the investigative nucleus of Palermo between October and December 2021, would have discovered a center of illicit interests, in the offices of the Iacp of Palermo, made up of private professionals and public officials with skills in construction and in charge of managing the funds of national and European public spending. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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