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Karst fire: firefighters at work all night

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(ANSA) – TRIESTE, 20 JUL – The firefighters of the whole Friuli Venezia Giulia worked, all night long, together with their Slovenian colleagues, the Forest Guard and the Civil Protection to stem the burning in the Karst that broke out yesterday morning. The absence of wind favored the defense action of the houses of Sablici, the hamlet of Doberdò del lago (Gorizia) from which about twenty houses were evacuated.

The stagnation of the air instead caused a very high nighttime peak of PM10 in the city of Monfalcone where in many neighborhoods the air was literally unbreathable: according to the findings of the ARPA Fvg during the night peaks of 1,600 micrograms per cubic meter were recorded, a very high level if we consider that the daily limit is only 50 micrograms.

The A4 motorway is still closed to traffic, in the section between Redipuglia and Sistiana, the Vallone road and the Venice-Trieste railway in the section between Monfalcone and Duino Aurisina.

Since dawn the Canadair, the helicopters of the Fire Brigade and Civil Protection Fvg have already taken off again.

Regarding the causes of the fire, the action of arsonists or in any case the hypothesis of malice seems to be excluded at the moment: the first outbreak seems to have been triggered by the sparks caused by the braking of a train. The strong wind blowing on the Karst at that time and the dry vegetation quickly fueled the first flames. (HANDLE).

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