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Cucchi case, the Mandolini and Tedesco carabinieri sentenced

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Milan, 18-month-old girl found dead at home: she was left alone for six days (ANSA)

The Court of Appeal of Rome sentenced Marshal Roberto Mandolini to three years and six months and the Carabiniere Francesco Tedesco to 2 years and 4 months as part of the bis appeal process on the beating of Stefano Cucchi. The pronunciation comes a few hours after the prescription which starts at midnight today. The two are accused of forgery.

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For Mandolini, the pg had asked to confirm the first degree sentence of three years and eight months. For Tedesco, who reopened the investigation of the case with his statements, the pg had asked for acquittal.

“Justice is done to the end, we have dedicated many years of our lives to it. Today is a very important day that I dedicate to my parents who unfortunately have not been able to be here”. Ilaria Cucchi said this when commenting on the sentence of conviction for the Mandolini and Tedesco carabinieri in the bis appeal process for the investigation into the beating of Stefano Cucchi.

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“He too condemned.” So in a post on Facebook, with a photo of Roberto Mandolini attached, Stefano Cucchi’s sister comments on the new sentences in one of the trials on the brother’s affair. Mandolini at the time of the events was the commander of the Appio station where Stefano Cucchi was brought after being stopped. Francesco Tedesco was also condemned, but with his words he reopened the investigation into the case.
Before the sentence Ilaria Cucchi had written another post stigmatizing the fact that Mandolini had not renounced, as announced, the prescription. “It is 10. The second trial against Marshal Mandolini begins. Reruns are expected. The President announces that this is the last day to reach a sentence, avoiding the prescription. Mandolini had said he would renounce it. Obviously he did not keep it. the word. Can I say that I am not surprised? “Ilaria Cucchi wrote.

Source: Ansa

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