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Drugs: Venice, couple arrested with over 70 kg of substances

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(ANSA) – VENICE, JULY 22 – The Guardia di Finanza of Venice has seized a large quantity of drugs, including hashish, cocaine and marijuana, from two Albanian spouses, domiciled in Mestre, who have been arrested.

Stopped by car, the couple was taken to the nearby house; in the parking lot another car of the spouses was found, in whose trunk were found sticks of hashish for almost 20 kilograms. The man then attempted to escape but was blocked by the patrol.

With the drug dog, the operations were extended to the house, where 300 grams of cocaine were discovered.

In another building of the couple, a few kilometers away, a drug depot was finally discovered: over 3 kilos of cocaine in a closet, 18 sacks with 20 kilos of marijuana and 27 kilos of hashish divided into 55 sticks.

The drug, probably destined to supply the drugstore squares during the summer season, would have yielded on the market an estimated profit of over one million euros. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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