Sexual assault on 28 patients accused, doctor convicted

Fire between Brianza and Varesotto, column of black smoke (ANSA)

(ANSA) – PARMA, 22 JUL – For the first instance judges of the Court of Parma he is the perpetrator of sexual violence against 28 women, his patients. Doctor Gianfranco De Lorenzis, a bariatric surgeon, was thus sentenced to 14 years, two more than required by the public prosecutor. According to his judgments, his specialist visits to twenty-eight patients from all over Italy have turned into sexual abuse.

De Lorenzis, who has always declared himself innocent, speaking only of “accurate visits”, will also have to pay a provisional amount of over 300 thousand euros to be divided between the plaintiffs. In addition, the doctor was banned from the health profession for the duration of the sentence.

The story of De Lorenzis had had a wide echo at a national level thanks to a service of the broadcast “Le iene” where in a video made with a hidden camera the doctor is seen harassing a patient, in reality he was a bait of the television program.

“This process – declares Roberto Mirabile, president of the La Caramella Buona association – required enormous forces, but the truth was evident and unequivocal. The squalid attempt to denigrate the many women victims found no space while the documentary evidence was overwhelming. charged to the accused “. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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