Ponte Genova: 1200 texts, if they all speak risk of prescription

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(ANSA) – GENOA, 23 JUL – A charge of about 1,200 witnesses for the trial for the collapse of the Morandi bridge, which collapsed on 14 August 2018 causing the death of 43 people, which will lead to lengthening the time making the prescription risk increasingly concrete for some crimes. They range from the anthropologist (who will have to talk about “the social system” of via Porro, the street where the buildings under the viaduct whose inhabitants were displaced) to the former premier Giuseppe Conte, passing through the former ministers from 1998 to 2018 , to the technicians, up to all the presidents of the Transport Committees of the Chamber and Senate. The monstrous number emerges from the witness lists presented by the prosecutor, the defendants of the accused and the plaintiffs. The judges, who postponed to 12 September after the first hearing of the trial last July 7, will have to decide whether to accept all the requests or to prune the list. A list that worries the prosecutor because it would risk an extension of the times. The first crimes, the less serious ones, will begin to be prescribed at the end of 2013. It was the same prosecutor Francesco Pinto who asked “to respect the constitutional parameters of a reasonable duration”.

59 people are accused, including former top management and technicians of Autostrade and Spea (the company that took care of maintenance and inspections), current and former managers of the Ministry of Infrastructure and officials of the Superintendency. The charges, for various reasons, are multiple culpable homicide, road homicide, willful collapse, omission of official acts, attack on transport safety, forgery and willful omission of safety devices in the workplace. For prosecutors Massimo Terrile and Walter Cotugno, most of the defendants imagined that the bridge could collapse but they did nothing. Aspi and Spea came out of the process by negotiating about 30 million. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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