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Economic crisis: Giani (Misericordie), risk of stopping ambulances

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(ANSA) – ROME, JUL 23 – The Misericordie d’Italia launch “a cry of alarm”. Without attention from the institutions, “the risk is that in some areas volunteering is forced to stop” due to high fuel prices. The national president Domenico Giani says so. As is done for agriculture, “I ask for attention to the world of voluntary work and social and health service. It is not a war between the poor but today there are centers of Mercy where volunteers, in addition to donating their time and their lives, must pay for gasoline to make ambulances travel. The risk is that you stop somewhere because you are left alone “.

For Giani, former head of the Vatican gendarmerie and today head of one of the most important voluntary organizations in Italy, politics must take into account the demands of the world of the third sector, which “is at the service of the people”, “always and not only in the election campaign “. “The political forces that are preparing for a very heated electoral campaign are careful to satisfy the requests of the volunteer resource and not exploit it to take the votes. I already hear statements: ‘volunteering is important, we will do this, we will do that’ but volunteering is a heritage, it is a value, of this country always, not only in the electoral campaign. We are at the service of the people and we ask for attention. We have always denounced the things that are wrong. Now we hope not to be exploited in view of the elections “, he says Giani.

“We have a great concern but volunteering will never cease to be at the service of the people, we love our country, we would just like to be heard. Every day – adds Giani – the disappointment of volunteer citizens towards the institutions”. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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