Sarzana murders: Bedini in Cuneo prison after attempted escape

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(ANSA) – LA SPEZIA, 25 JUL – Daniele Bedini, the 32-year-old carpenter from Carrara, investigated for the murders of Nevila Pjetri and Carlo Bertolotti, known as Camilla, which took place just over a month ago in Sarzana, was transferred this morning at 8 from La Spezia prison to the Cuneo prison. This was confirmed by Rinaldo Reboa, Bedini’s defender, adding that the transfer “was completed without asking or informing the defenders”.

According to Reboa, the transfer “which took place after an agreement between the La Spezia public prosecutor and Dap” would have become necessary “after that laughable attempt of evasion made by Bedini” on July 16 “when – the lawyer specified – Bedini tied two sheets to the perimeter wall of the prison that did not bear the weight. The boy fell and went back to his cell on his own. Only later did the penitentiary uncover the sheets “.

“Bedini – remembers Reboa – is definitively detained only for a residual sentence of 2 years and still only under investigation for the murders. Among other things, there are still ongoing defensive investigations, psychiatric visits, hair analysis. It is not possible that has been transferred 300 km away from his parents who are the only ones who can give him relief. There are still tests to be done, there are psychiatrists and psychologists who have yet to talk to him. This boy is a full-blown psychopath, he must be treated not sent to a prison 300 km away. Without saying anything to his defenders, among other things. He is sentenced even before a trial “. Reboa announced a complaint and a letter to Minister Cartabia. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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