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African heat diminishing, rain and thunderstorms arrive. Yellow alert in 9 regions

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Earth's rivers and lakes increasingly fragile, the first map to protect them arrives (ANSA)

It loosens on the regions of Northstarting this evening, the red-hot grip of the African heat – brought by the anticyclone Revelation 4800 – with the arrival of a Atlantic disturbance which will make its entrance from the Alps and will bring rain And temporal patchy, up to the Po Valley, where the Bit continues its summer of suffering, in the sixth wave of drought of the last twenty years.

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In anticipation of rain, the yellow alert was issued for tomorrow 26 July by the Civil Protection in nine regions: Abruzzo, Emilia Romagna, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lombardy, Marche, Piedmont, Autonomous Province of Bolzano, Umbria And Venetoand for hydrogeological risk on north-eastern Piedmont and the Autonomous Province of Trento.

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The announced disturbance has arrived in the province of Alexandria. Affected, in particular, the Casalese. The strong wind he dropped the Fanfarino in piazza degli Alpini in nearby Occimiano, but there were no parked cars or people. The Municipality staff has already carried out an inspection and the tree will be removed tomorrow morning. A series of trees fell on the roads, with criticalities for the viability, as they know from the operations room of the fire brigade. Discomfort due to thunderstorms in Val Cerrina and in the Lower Monferrato, with interventions in Castelletto Merli, Pontestura and Camino. A violent hailstorm it fell on the inhabited center of Saluzzo, in the province of Cuneo. Various interventions for thunderstorms in South Tyrol. A tree fell on a car in Lagundo. Saved girl on Lake Caldaro.

To the South you will continue to suffer for the high temperaturesthe fresh front will not reach them, at least for now.


Starting from Tuesday 26 and at least until Friday 29 July, the African anticyclone will lose its strength, an instability that will lead to storms in the north. Alps they will be able to go down on Prealps and also on some areas of the Po Valley. The perturbed systems will hit the northern regions in patches, but they can be very strong and be accompanied by exceptional hail and, in rarer cases, a tornado. This is what he announces Antonio Sanòdirector and founder of the site www.iLMeteo.it. The Center-South, on the other hand, will continue to be protected from the anticyclone even if there will be heat storms on the Apennines and nearby areas (locally also on the Adriatic coasts), also very strong here (especially on Wednesday).

From a thermal point of view, the maximum temperatures will begin to drop even by 4-5 ° C starting from Wednesday 27, especially in the North and a few degrees less it will also be registered in the Center. On the other hand, the situation in the south is stable, where no substantial change is expected.

Monday 25. In the north: it gets worse on the Alps and Prealps, in the evening also on the medium and high plains. In the center: sun and intense heat. South: sunny and warm.

Tuesday 26. In the north: unstable in the Triveneto, in the evening also in the north-west and in Emilia. Hot weather. Center: mostly sunny. In the south: prevailing and hot sun.

Wednesday 27. In the north: unstable with scattered thunderstorms and less hot weather. Center: afternoon thunderstorms over the Apennines and adjacent areas. South: sunny.

Source: Ansa

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