The heat subsides, storms arrive especially in the North

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The great heat has the hours numbered, at least in some regions.

The African anticyclone Apocalisse4800 begins to suffer from blows from Northern Europe. First of all, remember that the name of the anticyclone was not given by chance: in fact, the 4800 indicates the unusual altitude that has reached thermal zero in the last few days, that is, the altitude at which temperatures of 0 ° C are recorded in the free atmosphere, never so high. This means that even on the highest peak in Europe, on the top of Mont Blanc (at 4809 meters) the ice melts; being the peak of the Alpine arc, therefore, it goes without saying that all the Alps are at risk of ice melting.

What will happen starting today? Lorenzo Tedici, meteorologist of the site tells us: fresher air at high altitude will enter Italy and, mixing with the pre-existing hot one, will generate intense storms accompanied by hailstorms and strong gusts of wind. The regions most affected by the phenomena will be the northern ones. If the morning passes with good weather, the afternoon will become the scene of many thunderstorms, first in the Alps (especially in the Triveneto area) and by evening also in the Po Valley. The phenomena will affect these patchy sectors, but as mentioned may in some cases also be violent. The atmosphere will then continue to remain slightly unstable even in the following days with thunderstorms that on Wednesday may also affect the central Apennines, up to the Marche and Abruzzo coasts as well. After the stormy passage the winds will blow from the northern quadrants, therefore less hot and consequently will cause the long-awaited drop in temperatures which in the North will also lose 5/7 ° C compared to the last days, while in the Center the decline will be more contained, in the order of 1/3 ° C. Finally, the South will continue to remain enveloped by the African heat wave with 40 ° C which can still be reached in Puglia and Sicily. The wound inflicted on Apocalypse 4800 will not heal immediately: in fact, after a rather calm Thursday 28, from Friday other storms could affect many regions of the North.

Tuesday 26
. In the north: worsens from the afternoon with strong but scattered thunderstorms. In the center: sunny and warm. In the south: sun and intense heat.
Wednesday 27. In the north: unstable with thunderstorms in the morning. Center: thunderstorms over the Apennines and the Adriatic coast in the afternoon. In the south: sunny, warm.
Thursday 28. In the north: thunderstorms in the Alps. In the center: some thunderstorms in the Apennines. In the south: more unstable on Puglie and Basilicata.

Friday still storms in the North, less unstable weekend.

Source: Ansa

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