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In Italy 1,004 hospitals, 48.6% are private accredited

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In 2020 hospital assistance made use of 1,004 care institutions, of which 51.4% public and 48.6% private accredited. This is what the Statistical Yearbook of National Health Service referred to the year 2020 and published by the Ministry of Health.

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The NHS has approx 235 thousand beds for ordinary hospitalization, of which 20.2% in accredited private structures; of 11,343 day hospital places, 89.2% public, 8,709 places for day surgery mainly public (77.6%). Nationally they are available 4.3 beds per 1,000 inhabitantsthe beds dedicated to acute care activities are 3.7 per 1,000 inhabitants (they were 2.9 in 2019).

In Italy there are also 8,803 structures for specialized outpatient assistance, 7,858 for residential territorial assistance, 3,189 for semi-residential territorial assistance, 5,557 for other territorial assistance and 1,151 for rehabilitation assistance. The structures that provide residential territorial assistance are mostly private (83.2%), as are those that provide semi-residential territorial assistance (71.7%) and rehabilitation assistance (78.2%).

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On the other hand, the structures that provide other territorial assistance are mainly public (86.9%).

The analysis of the data relating to hospital care in the period 2016-2020 shows a decreasing trend of both the number of public shelters (-3.9%), and the number of accredited private structures (-0.8%). As regards specialist outpatient assistance, there is a decrease in outpatient clinics and laboratories relating to both public structures (-2.8%) and accredited private structures (-0.5%).

Diverging trends are highlighted between public and accredited private providers both for residential territorial assistance (-0.6% for the public, + 9% for accredited private individuals) and for semi-residential territorial assistance (-7.5% for the public, + 9.4% for the accredited private sector). In the context of rehabilitation assistance, an increase in structures is observed (+ 2% for the public, + 4.3% for the accredited private sector).

Source: Ansa

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