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Wartsila: Fedriga, Giorgetti has the same powers despite the crisis

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Congo, at least 5 dead in the assault on the headquarters of the UN peacekeeping mission (ANSA)

(ANSA) – TRIESTE, 26 JUL – “The operational powers are the same, of course, strong governments can have more moral suasion, but the powers remain the same”. This was stated by the Governor of the Fvg Massimiliano Fedriga answering a question about the powers of the Minister of Economy Giancarlo Giorgetti, once the government crisis was open, at the table that opens tomorrow with the multinational Wartsila. Fedriga reassured the negotiating power by speaking to “L’aria che tira”, on La7.

The Governor recalled that the minister has met Finnish ministers in recent months, and together they both met Finnish administrators who “have given guarantees of growth”. Reiterating the concept that a company cannot be trusted “which until the day before ensured not only the maintenance of the plants but” envisaged new investments and growth in production “, Fedriga stressed again that the Region will start” negotiations only if the procedure for resizing the Bagnoli della Rosandra plant is immediately withdrawn.

“Only then will we be available to sit at the table”.

The story for Fedriga “is a national problem, because we are entering a strategic sector for Italian industry, shipbuilding. We are the first in the world in shipbuilding, and I have to thank Fincantieri for intervening decisively, just like the Region, on the ownership of Wartsila “. The idea of ​​”abandoning a plant where you have the main customer, who is called Fincantieri”, is rather “particular”. Fedriga recalled that “Over the years Wartsila has taken millions of public euros to go ahead with the business and make it grow. It is too convenient to be a private company when it is necessary to do a divestment activity and go hand in hand with the public. when asking for money “. Furthermore, “we are faced with something surreal: Wartsila has applied for the PNRR”.


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Source: Ansa

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