Caught the elusive cash fund thief in Ravenna

(ANSA) – RAVENNA, JULY 27 – The police arrested a man suspected of being the thief, hitherto impregnable, capable of carrying out several dozen shots at night from February until last weekend in Ravenna between bars, restaurants, bathing establishments and other commercial businesses, robbing them mostly of the cash funds.

He is a 37-year-old of Dominican origin with Italian citizenship reached on Monday evening by an order of custody in prison issued by the Gip Andrea Galanti at the request of the Prosecutor Stefano Stargiotti. There are various elements of possible evidential value collected by the specific section of the Mobile team, starting above all from the analysis of the videos captured by the video surveillance cameras of some of the targeted rooms. The 37-year-old is no stranger to local news due to various precedents. Further details on the investigation will be provided during a press conference at 11 am in the Ravenna Police Headquarters. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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