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Justice: Genoese lawyers strike on the day of the Ponte trial

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Bad weather, a violent hailstorm hits the Lodi area: huge damage (ANSA)

(ANSA) – GENOA, 27 JUL – A day of abstention on the day of the resumption of the trial for the collapse of the Morandi bridge, on 12 September. This was decided by the assembly of lawyers of the Ligurian Criminal Chamber. The protest was decided “following the repeated and very serious problems linked to the lack of staff in the criminal sector of the Court of Genoa, a consequence of the persistent inaction of the Minister of Justice and the CSM”. According to the High Council of the Judiciary, there is a shortage of 20% of the staff: between criminal and civil there are 15 judges missing. There are 41 vacancies between chancellors and officials.

“We do not want to harm the trial for the collapse of the Morandi bridge – explains the president of the Criminal Chamber Fabiana Cilio – but the date was chosen to give a strong signal and have more attention for a very serious problem”.

The trial, which sees 59 people accused, began on 7 July and was immediately postponed to 12 September to decide which civil parties to admit. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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