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Bologna massacre: Lepore, Fascist massacre that deserves truth

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(ANSA) – BOLOGNA, 27 JUL – “The fascist massacre of 2 August deserves truth and deserves political and institutional recognition”. This was said by the mayor of Bologna Matteo Lepore, on the occasion of the presentation of the commemorations for the 42nd anniversary of the Bologna massacre, on 2 August 1980.

“I believe that 42 years after this is no longer a story of de derubricare – he continued – I believe that there is no past to put in the drawer because we must not divide”.

“This is a very important 2 August – he added – because it is a 2 August of truth, a 2 August of redemption, a 2 August in which we will tell how thanks to the extraordinary work of the Attorney General and the institutions, which have finally redeemed the dignity of the trial process, a truth has been reached that has reconstructed how in our country and in the history of our Republic there have been parts of the state that have misled, covered up the truth around the massacre of 2 August for 42 years “.

The mayor then announced what the day’s program will be to commemorate the massacre in which 85 people lost their lives, while another 200 were injured. “We will meet in the morning with family members together with Minister Bianchi and President Bonaccini here in the City Council”. The march will follow to Piazza delle Medaglie d’Oro, where the central station of Bologna is located. “I really invite all Bolognese and Bolognese to participate in this August 2nd, because it will be very important”, concluded the mayor. (HANDLE).

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