Weather: today and tomorrow thunderstorms in the north, at the weekend it gets better

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(ANSA) – ROME, JUL 28 – Thunderstorms in the Alps today and tomorrow.

In the afternoon they will also hit Piedmont and then move to Lombardy in the evening and night. From the early hours of Friday 29, a storm line from the Northwest Alps will gradually extend towards the lowland sectors of Piedmont and Lombardy and then head, fed by fresh air at high altitude, in the evening and the following night, towards a large part of the Northeast. The rest of Italy will continue to be protected by the anticyclone so no important changes will be felt. Starting from the weekend, the high pressure should be able to recapture the North as well, removing the bad weather with the last storms that could affect Friuli Venezia Giulia and Saturday, in a more isolated way, the Apennines. This is what Andrea Garbinato, editor of the website announces, underlining that, “as often happens, thunderstorms will hit the Po Valley in patches and will be accompanied locally by hailstorms, even intense ones, as well as strong gusts of wind. “. Some outbreaks could then go as far as the Marche and Umbria.

With this new storm surge, temperatures will suffer a further decline in the North, still losing 1-2 degrees, while they will remain substantially unchanged elsewhere. The winds will be arranged from the mistral so the temperatures, although expected to increase, will not reach excessive values: but apparently the respite will last only a few days.

In detail: – Thursday 28. In the north: it gets worse with thunderstorms over the Alps and Piedmont, in the evening also in Lombardy. In the Center: mostly sunny. In the south: sun and heat.

– Friday 29. In the north: worsens with severe thunderstorms from the Northwest to the Northeast. In the center: some storms between Umbria and Marche. South: sunny and warm.

– Saturday 30. In the north: last storms on FriuliVG, sun elsewhere. In the center: some heat storms on the Apennines.

In the south: some storms over Gargano and Basilicata. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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