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Vaccines against influenza and Covid in pharmacies, even for children

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Culture, Cavallaro:

Influenza and anti-Covid vaccinations – the latter also for children – will also be carried out in pharmacies, by licensed pharmacistswho have passed the specific training course and annual updates organized by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità.

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The booking of the administrations will take place by the pharmacies, according to the target population identification programs defined by the health authorities. This is what the memorandum of understanding signed by the Government, the Regions, Federfarma and Assofarm provides.

According to the document, vaccinations can be carried out in a special external area close to the pharmacy or inside, as long as the latter is separated from the reception areas and ordinary activities, or even when the pharmacy is closed. I am also subjects with extreme vulnerability are excluded from administration or with a history of a previous allergic or anaphylactic reaction.

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Vaccination is performed after showing the health card and completing the informed consent to health treatment and assessment of suitability. At the end of the administration, the subject remains in a designated area for the next 15 minutes to ensure that no immediate adverse reactions occur. In the latter case, the pharmacist would provide the necessary for emergency support by alerting 118. The vaccinated person then receives the appropriate certificate and the pharmacy records the administration data in a special computer platform to feed the vaccine registry. .

For pharmacies that want to proceed with the administration, the fee for each single injection is six euros and sixteen cents, they will request it from the local ASL.

Source: Ansa

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