Cyber ​​fraud group dismantled

At 92 he dives every day from 3 meters (ANSA)

(ANSA) – PERUGIA, 28 JUL – In the month of May 2021 alone, it yielded an illegal profit of over 100 thousand euros, to which were added about 130 thousand of proceeds deriving from the so-called “financial” scams (purchase of cars through loans and loan requests ) the activity of an alleged criminal association operating throughout the national territory aimed at committing computer fraud and undue use of credit cards at the center of an investigation coordinated by the Perugia prosecutor’s office.

Three precautionary measures were carried out by the police and carabinieri in prison, as many in house arrest and for three other subjects, the obligation to report to the judicial police was ordered.

The investigations – explained in a press release from the Perugia Public Prosecutor’s Office – have brought to light what are considered the roles and tasks of each member of the group. The alleged scams were carried out through the use of computer or telematic systems (phishing). According to the investigators, the members of the association, by sending sms (smishing) or by phone calls (vishing), after having “hooked” the unaware victim and pretending to be banking operators, they had the authorization codes delivered, then they carried out operations withdrawal by conveying the sum fraudulently collected in one of the various ATM branches in the area.

Subsequently the suspects, in order to guarantee their anonymity and at the same time make their tracing more difficult – the investigators always believe -, by means of intermediaries (money mules), who operated with the prospect of obtaining a commission, through the same branches Atm, they transferred the money to other “dedicated” accounts managed by the same members of the association. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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