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Sunday, December 4, 2022

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Weather: stop at fourth heat wave, without excess until Monday

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Angelo Rossi, president of the Consortium

Between tomorrow and Monday a phase with average temperatures or slightly above, but without excesses, is expected. According to Meteo Expert forecasts, this is the end of the fourth heat wave of this 2022, decidedly long and exceptionally intense, marked by numerous heat records recorded in the North.
A disturbance, recalls the weather portal, reached the North yesterday and in the next few hours it will slide along the peninsula, gradually weakening. Today in the northern regions the weather is already improving, with bright spells especially in the western sectors, while the Center will experience a day marked by local episodes of instability. The thunderstorms in the afternoon will concentrate in particular between the inland areas and the Adriatic side, with some encroachment towards the south. Tomorrow, Meteo Expert specifies, the day will be generally more stable, apart from some episodes of possible instability in the inland areas. of the lower Lazio and the southern peninsular. The advance of the front is accompanied by the establishment of northerly winds that will also affect the southern regions, putting an end to the intense heat.
The truce, however, could not last long: the current projections, concludes Meteo Expert, already suggest the gradual return of the North African Anticyclone which, over the next week, will favor sunny weather conditions and rising temperatures with the probable return of intense heat. , especially from the middle of the week.

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Source: Ansa

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