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Sunday, December 4, 2022

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Hot: new wave coming, peak between Thursday and Friday

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Ukraine, Zelensky on wheat:

New African blaze over central-western Europe, with the peak of the heat over Italy between Thursday and Friday: in the next few days the North African high pressure, as it has already done at least 5 times since May, will push northwards, ideally crossing the Strait of Gibraltar. In Italy, mainly the northern regions and the Tyrrhenian side will be affected, with possible 39-40 ° C in the shade. According to Lorenzo Tedici, meteorologist of the site www.iLMeteo.it, in Italy temperatures of up to 38-39 ° C are expected in Florence, Rome, Bologna, Milan and even 40 ° C in the inland areas of Sardinia; but some other areas will be hit by the hot African anticyclone. 40 ° C, Tedici underlines, “is a value that no longer creates surprise: however it is worth remembering that the average climatological values ​​at the beginning of August are much lower. According to the climatology of the thirty years 1971-2000, in Turin and Genoa normally a maximum of 28 ° C is recorded, in Milan 29 ° C, in Bologna 31 ° C, in Florence 33 ° C, in Rome 32 ° C; in the South ‘normal’ values ​​of 31 ° C in Naples, 30 ° C in Bari , 32 ° C in Cagliari.
Among the hottest ‘climatologically’ – adds the meteorologist – we find the station of Catania Sigonella, with the data of the first decade of August reporting 34 ° C: it is a weather site in the hot inland areas of eastern Sicily not too far from Floridia in the province of Syracuse, where a year ago, on 11 August, a new European record was recorded at 48.8 ° C “.

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In detail:

Tuesday 2. In the North: sunny and warm on the rise. In the center: sun and intense heat at times. In the South: sunny.
Wednesday 3. In the North: sun and heat are further increasing. In the center: sun and intense heat. In the South: sunny, warm in the norm.
Thursday 4. In the North: sun and heat well above the average for the period. In the Center: sun and intense heat, well above the average for the period. In the South: sunny and warm.
Trend. African anticyclone stronger and stronger, temperatures up to 38-40 ° C in the Center-North.

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Source: Ansa

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