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Trapper feud: Simba La Rue at the investigating judge, an absurdity what happened

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Baghdad, Sadr supporters occupy the Iraqi parliament for the fourth day (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, 02 AUGUST – “I realized the absurdity of everything that happened, which doesn’t benefit anyone”. Simba la Rue, aka Mohamed Lamine Saida, a 20-year-old rapper with hundreds of thousands of followers, stabbed last June 15 in Treviolo, in the province of Bergamo, ended with a sort of rethinking. just out of the hospital. The young man is among the nine people arrested last Friday, as part of an investigation coordinated by the prosecutor Francesca Crupi on a “feud” between two rival groups of trappers.

The Italian Tunisian, in about an hour and a half, answered the questions of the investigating judge Guido Salvini. He admitted to having participated in the attack last March in Porta Venezia in Milan which occurred as a ‘response’ to another violent attack suffered by a friend of his in Padua two months earlier, but he rejected the charge of the robbery.

Defended by Chiara Guzzon and Niccolò Vecchioni, the rapper, in the wake of what his friends said yesterday, admitted the fight with the ‘rival’ Paduan rapper Baby Touchè, last June 9 in via Boifava, but denied having loaded it. against his will in the car to kidnap him.

He, too, explained that he agreed with Baby Touch is the publication of the video with the insults. “It was all a media thing – he said -. We also planned to release a song together”. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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