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Drugs: five plantations discovered in Reggio, 11 arrests

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(ANSA) – ROSARNO, 02 AUG – Five drug plantations have been discovered by the carabinieri of the Gioia Tauro Company who, in the territory of Rosarno, have seized over 18 thousand marijuana plants, more than 270 kg of various types of drugs. Eleven people arrested in the course of the activities, some of them already known to the police.

At the end of a series of services conducted in the countryside of the town of La Piana, the soldiers, together with their forestry colleagues and the Hunters helicopter squadron, managed to identify the crops perfectly camouflaged among the tall trees and also hidden by agricultural sheets.

The narcotic substance in stems or trunks, in some cases leafless and cleaned, had been placed in sacks or bins subsequently buried. Some plants were sampled and sent to laboratories for toxicological tests; others were seized or destroyed on the spot. Also seized the equipment used for the cultivation and processing of plants such as digital timers for starting irrigation or trimmers for automatic hemp pruning.

From a first estimate of the seized plants and the recovered narcotic substance, it was calculated that, if sold at retail, it could have earned over half a million euros in revenues. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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