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In costume among the bathers, police checks in Sorrento

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(ANSA) – NAPLES, 02 AUG – Checks in the municipalities of the Sorrento peninsula for the police of the local company. Wide-range service carried out on the beaches also with the fundamental contribution of civilian personnel, or rather, in costume.

Yes, because the soldiers, “armed” with towels and umbrellas, camouflaged themselves among the holidaymakers and were able to closely observe the suspicious movements. Several men and women employed who, with the support of their colleagues in uniform – ready to intervene by waiting in a secluded position – discreetly guaranteed compliance with the common rules.

During the operations, a 15-year-old Neapolitan found in possession of a switchblade was reported. A dozen boys reported to the Prefecture who were surprised while smoking hashish or marijuana regardless of the nuisance caused to the nearby bathers. At the end of the service, which will also be repeated in the next few days, 135 people were identified.


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Source: Ansa

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