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3-year-old boy bitten in the face by a dog, Bolzano prosecutor investigates

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(ANSA) – BOLZANO, 03 AUG – The Bolzano prosecutor has opened an investigation into the attack by a dog of a three-year-old child, which took place on Monday afternoon in the Europa public park. The investigation was opened with the hypothesis of the crime of very serious injuries and soon the people who were responsible for the custody of the dog, an Amstaff, should be registered in the register of suspects. At the time of the accident, the owner of the dog, a man from Bolzano with a problematic past, was absent and allegedly entrusted the dog to a woman he knew.

The dog was free to roam in the park, without a muzzle, in spite of the prescriptions issued after the provincial veterinary service had decreed the danger of the animal. In the past, in fact, that same dog, named Jason, had already been responsible for other attacks and was feared by park goers and other dog owners.

The child is admitted to the San Maurizio hospital, in intensive care, after having undergone an emergency surgery. The dog had attacked him without reason and suddenly, jumping on him quickly: the child, who was playing with some friends in the park, had not had time to escape and had been bitten in the face, resulting in a very serious and deep wound on the cheek , which could have permanent consequences. The dog has now been kidnapped and taken to the Sill kennel.

According to official data, almost 500 dog bites are recorded every year in South Tyrol. The attacks mainly concern unknown people on the move (about a hundred cases), but also for fun, during quarrels with other dogs or defense of the territory. A serious episode occurred in February 2018 in Aldino, where a 4-year-old boy, on holiday with his family, was bitten in the face by a dog, resulting in very serious injuries to his ear. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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