Ants and degradation in the cell without airless, Garante goes to the prosecutors

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(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 04 – The dirty mattress, like the floor on which it was placed, with columns of ants, and dishes with dirt accumulated for some time. No furniture and instead of the bed kit a few sheets of newspaper. Broken the toilet drain, the sink clogged, and the only sealed window, with no air passage, with an unbearable temperature. These are the degrading conditions in which the Guarantor of persons deprived of liberty found a prisoner in the Regina Coeli prison, in the cell intended for those at risk of suicide. For the Guarantor, human rights have been violated. Hence the decision to inform the prosecutor of Rome.

Room number 1 of the Eighth Section of Regina Coeli was “immediately released and subjected to repairs and reclamation”, the conditions of which prompted the Guarantor of persons deprived of liberty to inform the Rome prosecutor’s office. The deputy head of the Dap Carmelo Cantone writes this in a letter published on the website of the Guarantor. “At the origin of what unpleasantly noted in the visit of 18 July last, it is certainly to be considered the difficulty that the management of the institute has in dedicating appropriate rooms to each emergency case” writes, among other things, Cantone, explaining that the cases to be dealt with they are often greater than the availability of suitable rooms and, if this “cannot justify the conditions” that have been found by the Guarantor, “at least allows us to understand the difficulties that the institute has to face” (ANSA).

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