Written against the CGIL on the regional headquarters in Milan


(ANSA) – MILAN, 04 AUG – “New world order = Nazism”: this is the writing that appeared this morning on the walls of the regional headquarters of the CGIL in via Palmanova, in Milan. Digos investigates the episode.

“Disgraceful and unacceptable acts of vandalism” and “a real systematic attack on the rights of the weakest”: the Lombard secretary of the CGIL Alessandro Pagano defined in this way the writings that appeared today on the regional headquarters of the union in Milan. “We immediately proceeded to report the events that occurred last night to the competent authorities, providing all the information that could be useful – he assured – to identify the perpetrators of the attack and take appropriate measures against them”. According to Pagano, “these acts must be considered even more serious because they are actually directed against the world that the confederal union, starting with the CGIL, represents: workers and workers, pensioners and pensioners”. “The CGIL, in Lombardy and throughout the country, will continue in the daily battle to represent the centrality of work, for the protection and conquest of the rights of workers, pensioners, unemployed without being distracted by these very serious acts that must be considered – he concluded – a real systematic attack on the rights of the weakest and for this reason they must be condemned by the whole society! “. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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