Contracts by Cira to the clan, Dda asks for judgment for 12 people

Ukraine, in Bakhmut with the Russians two kilometers from the center:

(ANSA) – NAPLES, 05 AUG – The DDA of Naples has asked for the indictment of the twelve people involved in the investigation into the alleged infiltration of the Casalesi clan in the contracts of Cira, the Aerospace Research Center based in Capua (Caserta ). The preliminary hearing was set by the Gup of the court of Naples Anna Imparato for next 29 September.

The central figure of the investigation is the entrepreneur Sergio Orsi, already convicted in the past for a Camorra association because he colluded with the Casalesi clan in the waste sector. Orsi had ended up in prison on April 26th on charges of disruption of the auction and corruption with the aggravating mafia; with him other people, including entrepreneurs, officials and employees of Cira, had also been struck by precautionary measures. For the Dda, Orsi would have infiltrated the Cira contracts, thus favoring the Casalesi clan.

In particular, the Gip of Naples had issued eleven orders (two arrests in prison, three house arrest, three residence obligations and three disqualifications from the exercise of the business activity), but the decisions of the Neapolitan Review have partially reduced the disputes , especially in terms of the link with the Camorra clan, considered by the DDA to exist precisely due to the presence of Bears in the contracts.

The Naples Review has in fact excluded the aggravating Camorra and thus ordered the release of Orsi and all the other suspects reached by precautionary measure, such as the son of Orsi, Adolfo (affected by residence obligation), the other businessman arrested, Fabio Oreste Luongo, believed to have colluded with Orsi with the Casalesi clan. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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