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Carabinieri antidriga operation Perugia, 24 precautionary measures

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Ukraine, in Bakhmut with the Russians two kilometers from the center:

(ANSA) – PERUGIA, 05 AUG – Since dawn today, with the use of about 100 soldiers, an impressive anti-drug operation has taken place conducted by the carabinieri of the operational department-investigative nucleus of the provincial command of Perugia, who have carried out to an order for the application of personal precautionary measures issued by the magistrate of the court of the Umbrian capital at the request of the local prosecutor, against 24 people (of which 12 recipients of custody in prison, seven under house arrest, two subject to the obligation of residence and three to the obligation to sign), considered “highly suspected”, in competition and for various reasons, of the crimes of possession and sale of large quantities of heroin.

The operation was carried out with the support of the companies of Perugia, Città di Castello, Città della Pieve, Assisi and Spoleto, the air component of the 16 / o helicopter nucleus of the Rieti carabinieri and the first aid rates (Api) of Perugia. . The activity also involved the territories of Giugliano in Campania (Naples) and Frignano (Caserta) and Rho (Milan), where the local police headquarters carried out searches against suspects.

The investigations made it possible to identify the sources of supply of the drug that saw the city of Perugia as a terminal: three distinct groups of Nigerian citizens – reports the prosecutor – would have worked to bring the drug from abroad and from the Campania area and then resell it. , once treated, to fellow countrymen who in turn refereed the lower levels, consisting of North African drug dealers, mainly Tunisian citizens operating in the municipalities of Perugia and its surroundings, who dealt with road sales, at any time of day or night using , to reach the meeting points, the most disparate means: the military monitored movements by car, on foot, by bike and even with scooters. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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