Forty-year-old with a younger daughter arrested for child pornography

Ukraine, in Bakhmut with the Russians two kilometers from the center:

(ANSA) – GENOA, 05 AUGUST – Thanks to an international investigation, the investigators of the Postal and Communications Police Department for Liguria have arrested a 39-year-old trader residing in eastern Genoa for child pornography. The man is married and has a minor daughter.

During the computer search, the trader was found in possession of 234 files containing images on the sexual exploitation of minors. The child pornography files seized took back children of the same age as the daughter and were cataloged in folders according to the type of sexual relationship.

The continuous and careful monitoring of the web carried out by the investigators of the Postal Police Department of Genoa and the outcome of the recent investigative activities show that the perpetrators of this type of crime hold and exchange an increasing amount of images and videos, sometimes of an extreme nature, using tools, such as smartphones and the cloud (virtual storage space), which speed up the activity, allowing the acquisition of illicit multimedia content in an apparently anonymous way. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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