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Cemetery collapse: pm, alarms since 2002, mayor investigated and 2 ex

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(ANSA) – GENOA, 06 AUG – The current mayor of Camogli, Francesco Olivari, and the two predecessors, Italo Salvatore Mannucci and Giuseppe Maggioni, have been investigated by the Genoa prosecutor for the collapse of the Camogli cemetery, which took place on 22 February 2021 when about 415 coffins were destroyed in the sea. In addition to the three administrators, two managers of the Municipality, responsible for the Public Works office, were also registered in the register.

According to the prosecutor Fabrizio Givri and the adjunct Paolo D’Ovidio, the five are responsible for the collapse because they have failed to carry out work to secure the portion of the cliff on which the cemetery is located despite having been classified as high risk. Investigators reconstructed that already in 2002 geological studies, commissioned by the Municipality itself, had highlighted the need to carry out works at sea to protect the cliff from wave motion and the installation of tie rods. Not only. Already in the early 2000s both the geological studies and the exposures of the residents had revealed cracks and cracks on the walls of the massive walls.

The prosecutor first commissioned a consultancy from Claudio Scavia, professor of geology at the University of Turin and has now asked the judge for preliminary investigations for a probative incident, set for 20 October. The expert will have to establish the causes of the collapse and whether it was foreseeable, given the studies commissioned over time and the alarms raised by the residents. The technician will also have to establish whether the works carried out over time (the last one was in progress at the time of the collapse) commissioned by the Municipality were suitable to avoid the collapse. The public prosecutor’s consultant had already written that those works had been done “with the logic of saving” and were only “provisional”.

Eighteen months ago 415 deceased ended up on the reef and in the sea: 365 have been recovered, of which 57 have been identified thanks to DNA analysis. Nothing more is known about 50. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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