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Young people on social media, ‘virus in the sea Gallipoli’. Common ‘a buffalo’

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Happy birthday Bambi (ANSA)

(ANSA) – LECCE, 08 AUG – Videos of coughing boys continue to circulate on social media, some of whom have red eyes, claiming to have returned from Gallipoli (Lecce) and to have caught a ‘mysterious’ virus that would be present at sea. A sea that, even according to the recent Legambiente rankings, is among the cleanest in Italy. According to what the young authors of the videos say, to support their thesis there would be the negative test at Covid: “When you go to Gallipoli – says a girl – and you get a virus that is not Covid”.

“It is absurd – explains the mayor of Gallipoli, Stefano Minerva to ANSA – that what is in effect a hoax has become news. There is no alarm. Our waters are clean: as it emerged from recently from a report by Legambiente, they are among the safest. There is no pollution, as can also be seen from the recent samplings also made in the purifier area “. “We – adds Minerva – also contacted the emergency room managers of the Sacro Cuore hospital in Gallipoli, who confirmed that there is no increase in cases of children with symptoms such as those reported on social media”. On the matter, concludes the mayor, “we have proceeded with our legal office to file a complaint with the Public Prosecutor of Lecce”, also to protect the image of the city among the most sought after by tourists from all over the world.

Health sources consulted by ANSA also confirm that there is no increase in people who access the emergency room with symptoms that could lead to the presence of viruses in the water. “From what we know – they underline – there are no mysterious cases or viruses”. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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