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Found in the landfill now Imai is a dog that saves people

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(ANSA) – CAGLIARI, 08 AUG – She was found in mid-October in a landfill next to the former Buon Cammino prison in Cagliari by a former prisoner. And she is now in Piedmont, in excellent health.

Not only that: she has become a dog that searches for missing people. It is the story of Imai, a two-year-old boxer. She now lives in Arignano, in the metropolitan city of Turin, welcomed by Vassilia Sacco, a volunteer from Casa di Axel who brought him from the island to Piedmont.

Ivan Schmidt, instructor and dog trainer, is following the training of Imai who, from being a rescued dog, is becoming a dog that saves human lives. “Imai is destined: destined to be saved and destined to save,” explains Schmidt. When she arrived in the new house she was frightened by every noise. But she especially she was afraid of people. “Step by step she trusted and entrusted to my skills – says the instructor – understanding that not all men were like those she knew her until the day of her rescue”.

A story with a happy ending that began with the discovery of the dog, in poor condition. “The boy who found him – Schmidt reconstructs – asked for help from Radio Zampetta Sarda who created a post on social media and this was intercepted by the current owner. Imai was treated at the Karel Clinic in Cagliari, later, after 10 days of hospitalization, the owner arrived in Sardinia to take Imai to her new home in Piedmont. From there, first of all physical recovery and then behavioral recovery through hydrotherapy and environmental stimulations with a pressure and release process began “.

Then the mantrailing activity, the search for missing persons. With an excellent teacher: Schmidt has dealt with over 40 judicial police operations and was also technical consultant for the cases of Yara Gambirasio and the twins Alessia and Livia Shepp who disappeared in Switzerland. Heartfelt message from the same teacher to the dog: “Imai, I apologize for what humans have done to you and I sincerely hope that together with your owner and those who love you like her, we have been able to make us forgive a little”. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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