Warm subsides thanks to the cooler air from Eastern Europe

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(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 08 – A cooler air mass from Eastern Europe has already arrived and will produce its effects in the next 3-4 days: in addition to lower temperatures, it could bring rain , thunderstorms and hail. The forecast is by Antonio Sanò, director and founder of iLMeteo.it. “The ascent of the Azores Anti-cyclone towards northern latitudes, as far as Scandinavia – underlines Sanò – triggered in response the descent of fresher and more unstable air at high altitude from north-eastern Europe towards the Mediterranean basin”.

Over the weekend, he remembers, “intense storms have already lashed the Alps and the northern regions, but that’s not all: the flow of cooler currents will continue over the next few days, giving way to a decidedly more lively after many weeks of atmospheric calm “.

At the greatest risk of intense phenomena in the afternoon will be first the regions of the Northeast, and then those of Centrosud where, at least until Thursday 11th, thunderstorms are expected.

In detail: Monday 8th. In the North: sunny with less oppressive temperatures, some residual downpours. In the center. first good weather, then numerous thunderstorms over the nearby mountains and areas. In the South: many afternoon thunderstorms on the Apennines, neighboring areas and also on eastern Sicily.

Tuesday 9 In the North: more stable weather. In the center; worsens from the afternoon with many thunderstorms. In the South. Afternoon thunderstorms over all regions.

Wednesday 10. In the North. partly cloudy sky; possible rain on the hills. In the center; afternoon instability in the Apennines and in the inland areas of Sardinia. South: severe thunderstorms over all regions. Trend. Climate less and less hot and still many possibilities of thunderstorms. (HANDLE).

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