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Rights: in 1883 in Turin the first yes to a woman lawyer

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(ANSA) – TURIN, AUGUST 09 – On 9 August 139 years ago in Turin for the first time a woman was admitted to practice as a lawyer: the council of the bar approved the application for registration of Lidia Poet, 28 years old , originally from Val Germanasca, graduated in law since 1881 with a thesis on the condition of women in society and on the right to vote for women.

It was an important step but not a definitive victory because the general prosecutor of the then Kingdom of Italy challenged the order’s decision and obtained its cancellation from the subalpine Court of Appeal: one of the arguments was that the 1874 law on the Advocacy he never spoke of a female ‘lawyer’.

Poet regularly collaborated in the Forum with her brother, Enrico, specializing in the defense of the rights of minors and women, but her formal entry into the Order came only in 1920 after the approval of the Sacchi law.

The Turin resolution of 1883 was taken after a close discussion. In historical reconstructions it is stated that among the contrary opinions there was that of a councilor (as well as deputy) according to whom “no law has ever thought of diverting women from the ordinary domestic occupations that are theirs”; after the provisional ‘green light’ to Poet, he resigned from the Council along with another colleague who had opposed it.


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Source: Ansa

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