They stabbed young, 2 reported

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(ANSA) – MILAN, AUGUST 10 – Two 30-year-olds from Monza are the perpetrators of the violent attack on a 19-year-old from Brugherio, stabbed in the back on the night of last May 1st after a discussion for futile reasons with the occupants of a passing car. He identified them and reported them to the Mobile Squad of the Monza Police Headquarters for aggravated voluntary injuries.

The comparison between the images of the surveillance cameras in the area, the statements of the witnesses and the verification of all the cars registered in the province of Monza and Milan corresponding to the model indicated by the texts and visible in the images – a light-colored Renault – allowed to identify the two perpetrators of the stabbing. He is a convicted person for crimes against the person and in the field of narcotic substances residing in Monza and a clean record from Brugherio. Investigated on the loose, they must answer for injuries aggravated by the use of the knife.

“What happened must make us reflect because an evening in company cannot turn into a serious act of blood with a young man hit in the back by a knife – comments the commissioner of Monza, Marco Odorisio -. Once again, as ascertained, the abuse of alcoholic beverages which, combined with one word or one gesture too many, could turn into tragedy. The invitation is to always be aware, both in moments of fun and socializing “. (HANDLE).

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