Anpi, in Loggia dei Mercanti in Milan, unacceptable degradation

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(ANSA) – MILAN, AUGUST 10 – On the day in which the fifteen partisans victims of the Nazi fascist massacre in piazzale Loreto are commemorated, the Anpi returns to talk about the deterioration of the Loggia dei Mercanti, a symbol of the Resistance in Milan. It was President Roberto Cenati who again signaled the state of decay of the Loggia during his speech at the remembrance ceremony in Piazzale Loreto.

“The Loggia dei Mercanti has been in an unacceptable state of decay for years, despite the donations of Anpi to the city for its redevelopment – he explained -. We appreciated the work of the commissioner, prefect and local police on security because the presence of men and women in uniform is a deterrent but despite this the vandalizations continue “. So Cenati went back to talking about the hypothesis of partial closure of the monument precisely to protect it from vandalism. Mayor Giuseppe Sala “agreed with us on the need to find forms of physical protection and forms of closure on which we are thinking – added Cenati -. We have proposed closure since the first redevelopment project of Cini Boeri but it has always been rejected by the superintendency “.

At the end of the ceremony it was the deputy mayor of the municipality, Anna Scavuzzo, who replied to the president Anpi. “There is a bit of debate on the subject of physical protection because obviously it is not a simple decision – he said referring to the fact that the majority in the City Council is against the closure of the Lodge -. When it closes in some way it excludes itself, however it is necessary to protect. The interventions that have been made with the police and the local police have been significant, but are not conclusive “. On the Loggia dei mercanti “there is a work table and no road is closed – she concluded -. Having put gates has not always been beneficial, in other cases it has been an element of protection”. (HANDLE).

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