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Child killed by pirate, the family ‘await investigations’

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Elections, Fratoianni:

(ANSA) – MILAN, AUGUST 10 – “There is a lot of pain, but we prefer to say nothing and wait for the investigation. We have put everything back into the hands of a lawyer”. Thus Abdullah’s brother, known as ‘Mimmo’, the father of the eleven-year-old boy hit and killed by a private car in the Certosa area of ​​Milan, at the intersection of via Bartolini and viale Monte Ceneri. Two bouquets of white and yellow flowers appeared this morning at the scene of the accident, with a handwritten note: “Rest in peace”.

On the asphalt still the chalk marks used by the police to reconstruct the dynamics of the crash. The father of the young victim, a few meters away from where his son was hit, runs a restaurant-rotisserie. Today he was not at work: “We still opened because many wanted to pay us condolences”, says the cousin. The child “was always here with his father,” explains an employee of the Turkish Kebab adjacent to the rotisserie. “He often played here in front.

When we realized that something had happened – he adds – we rushed to the scene “. But it was already too late:” The ambulance and the firefighters had arrived – he concludes – Losing such a child is too heavy “. (ANSA) .

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Source: Ansa

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