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    Fire in Cagliari, summer camp evacuated with 150 children

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    Usa, Trump leaves Trump Tower for deposition (ANSA)

    (ANSA) – CAGLIARI, AUGUST 10 – A summer camp with 150 children was evacuated this afternoon in Monserrato, inside the metropolitan city of Cagliari, due to a fire that almost reached the houses from a reed bed.

    The fire started from the outskirts of Cagliari and, pushed by the wind, reached via Capo Comino. In that area there is a gym where the summer camp is held during this period. “At that moment there were about 150 children – the mayor of Monserrato, Tomaso Locci tells ANSA – the flames approached the structure. The staff of the summer camp and the councilor for public education who was in the gym decided immediately to evacuate the facility and bring the children to safety “.

    The little ones, many of them in tears of fear, were hosted by some residents of the area, while the older ones were accompanied to safe areas. Several fire brigade teams, civil protection volunteers, carabinieri and municipal police arrived on the spot. “Within 15 minutes the firefighters and the various teams of volunteers managed to stem the fire – the mayor continues – The intervention was timely and prevented the flames from reaching the houses”. However, the area filled with smoke and the fire damaged the gardens of some houses. According to the mayor, the fire is almost certainly of an intentional nature: “It is the second fire in the same area in two years”.

    Meanwhile, in today’s budget of fires in Sardinia there are 10 fires of which three extinguished also with the help of helicopters: Calangianus, in the Sassarese, Laconi, in the province of Southern Sardinia, and Orosei, in the Nuorese. (HANDLE).

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    Source: Ansa

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