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Garda accident, victim parents: ‘Our sentence is for life’

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(ANSA) – BRESCIA, AUGUST 10 – “Without our Greta we are more and more desperate. For her and for us there is no one who can revoke the life sentence that Messrs. Kassen and Teismann have inflicted on us”. Greta Nedrotti’s parents, with Umberto Garzarella one of the victims of a year ago in Lake Garda, comment on the return to freedom of Patrick Kassan, the German who on 19 June 2021 was with his friend Chrirstian Teismann on the motorboat he overwhelmed the goiter with the two boys from Brescia on board.

“We understood that the revocation of house arrest concerns the precautionary phase of the trial, and not the execution of the sentence handed down – add the parents – So, when the sentence is final, Messrs. Teismann and Kassen will have to execute the sentence that will be established in definitive way.

We also understand that after a year the precautionary requirements that had justified first the imprisonment in prison and then the house arrest of Mr. Kassen were considered weakened. We certainly do not understand why the revocation of the nautical license and also of the driving license of Messrs. Kassen and Teismann was never ordered, as would have happened if the nautical and road homicides were equated. This fills us with anger “. (ANSA).

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Source: Ansa

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